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To all of my readers, to all fans of Dean Martin, and to “couch potato” /  TV viewers everywhere in America and around the world: 

There is something definitely missing from our daily/weekly dose of entertainment on the small screen. The current state of television programming requires a form of high-voltage activity that is openly vulgar, supremely noisy, desired and absorbed by only the most hyper-active members of the younger generation. For the rest of us, the vibrating visuals and deafening decibals serve only to rattle our nerves and upset our sense of peace. Variety programs of the 1960s’ style are no longer economically viable; what passes for entertainment now will truly worsen as time goes by.

Change that channel......or ELSE!!In answer to this miserable state of affairs we scream “Enough, already! Turn the TV set off until the stations show something more appropriate!”. Guess what, folks – it ain’t gonna happen! Wall Street and Big Media are only looking out for the Bottom Line, and their non-stop quest for advertising dollars is aimed squarely to the Youth of America. So long as the younger generation manipulates the dials and/or the remote controls – and spends those almighty dollars, too! – there will be nothing of higher quality shown ever again on the television airwaves. In today’s economy the rule is– Profits Come First!, so higher quality is always expendable.

I'm bored. Anything better on TV?Today’s Youth thinks of the older generation as Ancient. Really? Well…if there’s gonna be a showdown, Ancient ain’t so bad! Life was easier when we were their age, and we have our memories as PROOF! It’s high time that we teach today’s Youth a solid lesson with a supreme sense of Value.

Rodin's 'The Thinker'Now, think hard! Look to the past history of network broadcasting, back to an era when certain very-well-known personalities hosted variety programs by the week/month or scheduled holiday, featuring Song & Dance & Stage routines displayed in a manner that was wholesome enough for viewing by the entire family. Your favorite show’s host was someone with a solid acting career – or a string of ‘Top 40’ recordings – and high visibility in the printed media. In a search of your memory you’ll find Perry Como, Dinah Shore, Red Skelton, Judy Garland, Andy Williams, Glen Campbell, Carol Burnett, Frank Sinatra and – running a virtual 1st Place tie with Frank – Mr. Dean Martin.

Pallies by choice!Martin and Sinatra had all three marks in their favor: solid acting careers plus many top-selling records, and both men were highly rated in the printed media. They were like brothers…not by blood, but by choice! And they also were members of the Hollywood/Las Vegas Rat Pack along with Peter Lawford, Sammy Davis Jr. and Joey Bishop. Dean and Frank had many ups and downs in their private/public lives, but – unlike Frank who hosted occasional special broadcasts by himself or with his family – Dean had the benefit of a weekly television series that was all of nine years running. From September of 1965 until May of 1974, viewers everywhere gathered around their TV sets to watch – The Dean Martin Show!

In Living Color!Telecast in Living Color during the years of the Vietnam War and political strife in our Nation’s Capitol, Dean Martin’s program with his smooth visual style and easygoing manner really soothed the viewer’s soul and softened the rough edges in our daily lives. It is absolutely that high quality which is missing from today’s entertainment.

HousecleaningSo we are trying to bring back the good old days once again! The color videotapes of The Dean Martin Show are locked away in vaults overseen by associates of the late producer Greg Garrison, and we want those tapes to be declared as Public Property under supervision of the legitimate Public Domain. From there they can be used to supply the retail consumer market with high-quality copies – on Digital Video Discs – of every episode of The Dean Martin Show plus the various summer broadcasts featuring The Golddiggers. We’ll have them complete and uncut, exactly as shown on their original first airings. The success of this venture depends upon the degree to which we can overcome the nature of the legal beast in current ownership of those videotapes.

Eagle with FlagSimply dreaming of success won’t make it happen, though. A few steps were taken to get the ball rolling and there was some progress made at the Judicial level in Los Angeles, but the path we take is long and frustrating. Still, there is hope! The kind of hope that makes this venture truly worthwhile. Now we are marching along a difficult path with the Flag Of Victory in our collective hand, ready to plant the flag firmly at the other end.

Dean&Frank at ChristmasWe welcome all who believe in our mission and all who want to see Justice decreed for a style of entertainment that must be preserved against loss to the crumbling pages of Television History books. Got your marching boots on? Then come join us as we seek that ever elusive Victory! 

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