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I started this blog “Wanted – The Dean Martin Show!” in early October of 2009 as a way to resolve several issues. First, there are other individuals who are as interested as I am in seeing The Dean Martin Show released to the legitimate Public Domain so that a California-based for-profit marketer may contract to supply the world-wide fans of Dean Martin with high-quality copies of his famous television Variety program that ran for nine seasons from September 1965 to May 1974, and to include the various summer TV series featuring The Golddiggers under the auspices of Dean Martin and Chevrolet; all episodes, complete and uncut, exactly as aired in their original broadcasts. Second, the Yahoo! Group ‘DeanMartinTVShow’ that I own and moderate is apparently stuck at a limited group of 27 members, so this WordPress blog is on the Internet where I can draw interest from viewers/readers all over the world. I may not gain new members for my group, but I can alert the WordPress audience that we are there at Yahoo. And third, I have a solid point to prove: that while I’ve been honest in my dealings with other people, some of those people have been NOT so honest with ME. In answer to their dishonesty I am subjecting them to an old-fashioned form of discipline used by American Indian tribes in the heyday of the early settlers: Public Knowledge. I need not detail every instance of their dishonesty…but for whatever GOOD works they attended to, I simply will NOT let them hide behind pseudonyms or other false fronts until they make amends for their known misdeeds. Where I’ve been wronged, I will fight back. Everyone who is Libertarian can do that.

Sometimes the issue is one of business vs. free promotion; one is for profit, the other is rendered without charge. Who’s doing what in regard to our mission? Stay tuned, you’ll find out in this month of June 2010.

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