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On this page you’ll find links to our communities plus other websites hosted by some of the most deserving people on the Internet. Some links appear in color because the named URLs are linking to this blog; others will appear in black & white because they are not yet linked or they haven’t seen this blog yet. No matter! Under your mouse pointer the links should turn bright red  to signify that they work properly. So here we go!  

For openers, Please have a look at the website where our mission began. The site is operated by Derrick Bostrom who has considerable insight on many subjects. His page titled “Golddiggers At Bostworld” is where I entered the fascinating – and furious! – aura of blogging on the Internet, and I had the unexpected pleasure of meeting Michelle DellaFave and Taffy Jones there. You’ll find letters by them, myself and a fellow named Michael at www.derrickbostrom.com/bostrom/2006/07/19/the-golddiggers/.

DeanMartinShowIn January of 2007 we set out to find as many of The Golddiggers and Ding-A-Ling Sisters as we possibly could, so I volunteered to be the scout who would round them up. It wasn’t easy; we had a few names to connect the dots by, but so many of the ladies didn’t answer to inquiries. No matter! Michelle, Michael and I were partners by eMail, and we slowly touched enough bases to find a few of the Golddiggers and most of The Ding-A-Ling Sisters. In due time we had more than half a dozen at our new operating base within Yahoo! Groups. Michael became the mission’s coordinator, and I started a seperate base to archive the progress reports. A grand sideshow came out of these reports, and you’ll find the whole convoluted story plus an episode-by-episode account of Dean and his guests at:


Note: Archive reading is available to members in the DMTVS group. As owner and primary post’er, I maintain full moderation in order to keep out the unwanted spambots. With that matter understoodyou may freely join our community. 

Dean Martin PetersNow…if you are the kind of person who believes in Dean Martin and all that he represented to the fullest extent, well – someone already beat you to the punchlines! He is Dean Martin Peters, and he owns a great Blog site that is as ‘Dino’d’ as a site can get. I have no idea what he looks like unless he is the modeler in a certain advert for Kent Cigarettes (Dean Martin’s brand!). He is a mystery of sorts; I tried to figure him out – and I failed!!  So YOU take a whack at ‘im. He’s at – www.ilovedinomartin.blogspot.com, and you’ll also find him at www.launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/ilovedinomartin/.  Good Luck!!!

Dean MartinOn November 5, 2009, I discovered another Blog site about Dean Martin. This site is located in Europe, specifically in Norway, and it is operated by Maria Jensen who is the second writer on the ‘Your Turn!’ page. Just my luck, most of her site is written in the Norwegian language that I can’t comprehend. Fortunately there is plenty of written English, and check out her Archive pages; many photos, including one of Dean in a baseball uiniform. Go for it!, at www.mariatjensen.blogspot.com.

Neil DanielsThis fellow may be older or younger than I am…but his sense of youth is forever! He was associated with Dean Martin in the years of the TV show, and he keeps the association going to this very day. He is Neil T. Daniels, President of the Dean Martin Fan Center. His website has books, movies and a shopping page plus a fan magazine published four or more times each year. You’ll find a section about The Golddiggers, a running history of Dean’s career and praise from fans around the world on the Center’s bulletin board. There’s something for everyone at www.deanmartinfancenter.com, so join the club!

DeanVarietyThe late producer Greg Garrison died in 2005, but several years earlier he made a marketing deal that would give Dean Martin fans a chance to see up to forty hours worth of The Dean Martin Show. Various segments of the program were personally selected and edited by Mr. Garrison for video transfer to Digital Video Discs, and there are twenty nine of these discs in the complete set. The marketer is The Guthy-Renker Corporation – in Palm Springs, I think – and you can purchase the set by subscription. Each DVD is mailed one at a time per terms of the subscription. Visit the marketer’s website at www.guthy-renker.com or the alternate www.deanvariety.com ordering  page, and look for ‘The Best Of Dean Martin Variety’ plus ‘Dean Martin Roasts’ among the many other product lines offered by this worldwide agency.

It's SHOWTIME!Guthy-Renker’s sets of ‘Dean Martin Variety/Roasts’ are created from the Master videotapes of Dean’s programs, so you’ll have the highest quality video when you watch the shows. But if you are impatient enough to see the program now – and don’t mind some lesser quality as a reasonable trade-off – then you should aim for the various displays by the subscribers to the website known as YouTube. This site has everything – and then some! Dean Martin is just one in a million subjects, and there are more new videos uploaded by the hour. At www.youtube.com, the show starts right now! 

Regis Philbin, Andrea Kim FullerEverybody loved Dean Martin – almost all of the time!  So here are two people who had connections with Dean after the fact of his passing. One is the great Regis Philbin who interviewed Greg Garrison for the ‘Best Of Dean Martin Variety’ DVD set, with Greg’s side of the interview appearing between segments seen on the DVDs. Regis signed “Thanks for all the info on Dean. You’re the best!” to the young fan in the photo. The Dillsburg Goats!Oh, Reeg…if only you knew what you’re dealing with in the lady. She is Andrea Kim Fuller (nicknamed Kimmy) and she lives on a farm in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. Her best friend is an aging mutt named Dover the Wonder Dog. Kimmy adored Dean Martin enough to install a statue of Dean in a shed full of goats, and she has so many records +  books + videotapes of Dean plus his pals and fellow Hollywooders on/off the stage that she ran out of space! Hence, the Shed. Kimmy is the Goat Shed Girl – also known as Dover’s Mammy – running an odd Yahoo! group with a farmer’s attitude. Wanna get a Beatin’? Take your chances with her at www.groups.yahoo.com/group/goatshedinterrupted, and abandon all hope as you enter. But fear not! Kimmy also has a much better side to her soul, and she channeled most of it into a grand website of her own making. Using the URL ‘Idol Hands Workshop’, Kimmy publicized her admiration for all the good of Dean Martin; his talent, his career, his haunts and even his favorite restaurant are displayed here along with a Trading Post. The whole site is titled “Dean’s Place”, and you’ll find it in this blog’s lefthand sidebar. Cheers!

MarieLeDucThere were only a select few who were trusted enough to be honored as ‘Pallies’ by Dean Martin. Beyond his world, though, almost everyone who promoted the good side of Dean’s life and career could be called Pallies. So it shouldn’t surprise you that there is a Yahoo! group – owned by Kimmy, no less – with the name ‘Dinopallies’. You should be prepared for lots of Dean Martin talk (similar to Mr. Peters listed above), but also be wary of the group’s moderator. Marie LeDuc alternates between Montreal QU in Canada and St. Augustine in Florida USA, spends lots of hours knitting and crocheting, calls herself God…and throws innocent members into the abyss for fun. Just like Judge Crater! Anyway, you’ll make friends and find lots to talk about at www.groups.yahoo.com/group/dinopallies like so many other fans did – and still do!

Now, I must admit that I’m guilty to a fault for not paying more attention to a specific group of people who carry on with a grand tradition. Individually these people are Dean Martin Impersonators who make their living – or a reasonable facsmile of a living – looking/sounding/acting like Dean Martin. Some travel around the country, others stay close to home, and most of them have websites. Let’s have a look; here comes one now!

Chris Gardner travels occasionally around the world, but more often he visits major cities and entertainment venues right here in the USA. Of late he has changed his web URL from www.chrisgardnershow.com due to conflict with too many other Chris Gardners. Try www.chrisgardner.biz; you’ll get the same site either way, and when you scroll down on his front page you’ll see a photo of Chris with several other men imitating Peter Lawford, Sammy Davis Jr. and…Maxwell Smart??? And is that Joey Bishop at left with the band players? Just wondering….

Here is a colorful website page promoting the talents of Richard Sette:

The Dean Martin Christmas Show!

Mr. Sette operates from his home base in New Jersey, and he entertains around the eastern half of the country. There’s much more here than just the Christmas show, so ring up www.amoredeanmartin.com to find everything else offered by the amazing Richard Sette!

The Rat Pack 3!Another RatPack ensemble – or at least 3/4ths of one – eminates from the Land of the Golden Gate Bridge. Here you’ll find Joe Scalissi and his cohorts singing and quipping around San Francisco Bay as if the locale was Las Vegas. Could the Sands Hotel be next? Probably not; the entire structure was imploded some time ago. Aw, SHUCKS! Anyway, in this photo you see Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and either Frank Sinatra or Peter Lawford taking a break before they return to the stage. There’s more information and more photos to be seen at: www.joescalissi.com. Enjoy!

From Las Vegas – or thereabouts – is yet another Rat Pack trio, with Andy DiMino doing the honors. Andy bears closer resemblance to Dean Martin than the other impersonators listed so far, and he has a wealth of experience going back to his teenage years when he learned to sing like Dean. Here’s the top of his homepage promotion;

Andy DiMino is...Dean Martin!

Andy has performed around the world, receiving high acclaim in Germany. In Las Vegas he also entertains by staging a Rat Pack Tribute with his fellow impersonators;

Sammy, Dean, Frank

As you can see, Andy and his fellow RatPackers are under the wing of the Royal Talent agency. Aside from www.deanmartintributeshow.com and its fellow website www.ratpacktributeshow.com, you can find more impersonators at www.royaltalent.com including the likenesses of Elton John, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Kenny Rogers, Barbra Streisand and The Blues Brothers.

I’ll complete this review of impersonators with some photos from the website of Russell Loniello. Russ surely must be among the best imitators of Dean Martin, but don’t ask me – ask Deana Martin Griffeths! Dean’s daughter is the Parade Master at the annual Dean Martin Festival in Steubenville, Ohio. Russ has performed in at least Eight of these events, and he’ll be returning again next year. Here’s some proof in living color!

Russ Loniello on stage

Marilyn? with Russ, Deana & girlsAutographed from Dean to Russ

Russ Lonielli, Deana Martin-Griffeths

Russ began his impersonation long enough ago that Dean sent approval by way of an autographed photo. See www.russloniello.com for Russ’s background, and www.deanmartinbesttributeshow.com for all the latest news and schedule of shows by Mr. Loniello.

If you have a favorite Dean Martin Impersonator outside of the few already listed here, go to the ‘Your Turn’ page and tell me who he is. You’ll see his site here on the very next day.

Now let’s turn our attention to the many websites featuring the grand young ladies who danced and sang to viewers everywhere: Dean’s Girls, The Golddiggers and The Ding-A-Ling Sisters. Before we review the three groups in their entirety, have a look at a few sites created by/for individual personalities.

Janice WhitbyFirst up: Janice Whitby. This reddish-blondehaired lass was a Golddigger from 1970 into 1972, and she followed this period with appearances in motion pictures and several television programs before turning to an art career. Here is a photo from The Dean Martin Show with Janice singing up front while Jimmi Cannon and longtimer Jackie Chidsey shimmer behind her. The Authorized Janice Whitby Website is expanding at this writing – just like my WordPress blog!! – and you’ll find photos galore plus Jan’s biography and current news. Read all about this glorious talented lady at www.janicewhitby.com, and sign her Guestbook while you’re there.

The name ‘The Golddiggers’ was officialized shortly into the start of Dean’s fourth season, but the first few girls of the group were appearing before the end of the third. Among the first girls: Cathy Lee Crosby! I believe that she was on Dean’s stage past New Year’s Day 1969, and I find ‘Pro Tennis player’ among her accomplishments. For over a decade Cathy Lee starred or co-starred in motion pictures – “Coach” is among her roles -, and she gained fame for her character “Wonder Woman” on television. She also co-hosted “That’s Incredible” from 1980 to 1984. Cathy Lee will continue her acting career, and currently she is writing books. You can order her latest titles plus autographed photos from www.cathylee.com.

In the land of The Grand Ol’ Oprey there are always new singers being groomed for a recording career and/or stage performances. In this photo you see a long-haired teenager who is recording her first album. She is Ciera Bridgewater, and she posed with her manager for the public. The blonde-haired manager is Raynee Ashman Steele of the Gemini Moon Entertainment Group/Planet Nashville Records. There is now a solid website for Gemini/PMR, and you’ll find it at www.screentest.biz/. You can read Ciera’s praise of Raynee at www.myspace.com/cieramariesmusic, also at www.cierabridgewater.net, and further at www.hollyspringssun.com/bookmark/3801217. The professional name of Raynee Ashman Steele may not be familiar to our readers, but the lady was one of Dean Martin’s 1970 Golddiggers. They – and we – know her as Micki McGlone!

For more than a decade Micki has been involved with the company whose website banner you see here:

Using materials sold under the Cantron name, Micki plays the Mad Scientist in carefully custom-batching a 12-item line of skin care products marketed by Raynee Ashman Steele. She claims that these products have worked wonders for her own self; perhaps she discovered the magical Fountain Of Youth! The MRP website has Raynee’s testimonial plus a letter of praise by the Founder of MRP/Cantron. If you would like to inquire about the Cantron products and/or other health care lines, please do so at www.cantron.com or go specifically to www.cantron.com/html/youth.html for Raynee’s testimonial. And here is another link to find her praises by: http://life-enthusiast.com/usa/vision-e3-m-42.html?pID=483, where she is at the top of the list.

Now let’s hop to Kansas City, Missouri, where former Golddigger Liz Kelley oversees the activities at her own Dance Studio 1. With a fine group of youthful master instructors on deck, the younger generation learns how to achieve everything from split-second timing in fast jazz steps to the supreme grace in ballet. Liz herself started dancing in early childhood, and she danced with some well-known stars long before coming to The Dean Martin Show. Her website banner – complete with signature – alternates with a portrait photo at www.lizkelleydance.com, and you’ll find bios plus more photos and some grand surprises there. 

Northwest of Los Angeles Center – actually in North Hollywood – you’ll find another Dean Martin Golddigger teaching youth how to dance in many styles. When you click on www.centerstagedancela.com the first item you’ll see is her colorful website banner:

So who is this photogenic artist of Hollywood dance fame? She is Rosetta Cox who danced and sang around the world, did the same on The Dean Martin Show and also sang with her fellow Golddiggers on their fine MetroMedia recordings. Now known as Rosie Gitlin, she continues to entertain with other still-active Golddiggers while working wonders with children of all ages – including Pre-School youngsters. Bonus: Rosie’s site is also the home of The Groovaloos. Check ’em out!

You wouldn’t recognize this lady unless you compare the photo shown here with the one from ‘Golddiggers At Bostworld’. She is Rebecca Jones, a member of The Golddiggers in the same time period as Loyita Chapel in the same photo. Rebecca teaches youth and adults to sing in all styles, in all formats from solo to group, and her pupils study and practice in a special studio attached to her home. Voice coaching and self-accompaniment are part of the program found at the Rebecca Jones School Of Vocal Arts. Her website is www.vocalarts.com, and see how she attends concerts; she flies to them in a private plane!

OK…let’s go down to the southeast corner of the country, all the way through sunny Florida, and take Route 1 to almost its very end. We’re in the Florida Keys, and this is Key West where you’ll find yourself surrounded by water and many residents with boats in their backyard docks. This is also Hurricane Country, but high winds and heavy seas don’t stop people from living here. Among the residents there is Joy Hawkins who moved to the island almost thirty years ago. She came with a group of people who took over a sagging business known as the Red Barn Theater, and they transformed the business into a top-notch tourist attraction with a well-deserved reputation for high-class stage production. Joy is the Artistic Director in charge, and the Red Barn Theater will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary under the same management in 2010. Back up another decade to The Dean Martin Show, and you’ll see Joy Hawkins among the 1969 Golddiggers; she also sang with the group on their first MetroMedia LP recording. See what’s on stage at www.redbarntheatre.com, check out the schedule and stop in when you visit Key West. Just watch out for hurricanes!

As noted in the first reference – “Golddiggers At Bostworld” – I met and befriended former Golddigger Michelle DellaFave. We emailed back and forth many times from just after Christmas 2006 to Christmas Eve 2007. When Michael, Wesley and I departed to Yahoo! Groups – and shortly thereafter started our new base of operations – I personally invited Michelle to join us there. She accepted, and Taffy Jones – who inadvertantly got left behind when Derrick closed his Golddiggers page – caught up with us a while later. Michelle had relaunched her own singing career, but prior to this event she was interviewed by a website with the name ‘SuperHair’. She compared her experiences with other personalities known by their beautiful hairstyles, and in the course of the interview Michelle expressed a desire for a reunion with other Golddiggers unseen since her years on The Dean Martin Show. You’ll find all the details at www.super-hair.net/qs-0906.html, and if you look up www.super-hair.net/cinko2.html you’ll find a brief but wonderful letter from Paula Cinko. In September of 2007 I connected both ladies by regular mail; see “The Golddiggers – Reunited!” for the recap.

You won’t find Michelle’s exquisite vocals on any CD at your favorite music store. That’s because Michelle markets her music by way of www.cdbaby.com which is a website with an approved social mission. Here you’ll find all sorts of vocal and instrumental efforts by contemporary musicians in more categories than you can think of. Michelle’s first new recordings were released in December 2006 under the title “Cool Burn”; with light orchestra and voices in the background, her singing style and range are all over the lot in songs like “A Natural Woman”, “This Masquerade”, “Spinning Wheel” and (my favorite!) “Twisted”. In 2008 Michelle recorded a second round; this time she captured the gospel spirit in songs like “People Get Ready”, “Fly High, Butterfly” and the ever famous “Ave Maria”. Samples from both CDs can be heard directly by way of www.cdbaby.com/cd/michelledellafave and its counterpart www.cdbaby.com/cd/michelledellafave2, or you can download your choice of songs for the stated nominal fee.

As I continue to add website listings on this page, readers please note: some photos can no longer be found on certain websites because those sites are in temporary hibernation or have disappeared entirely. One well-known site had many photos of Dean’s Girls, The Golddiggers and The Ding-A-Ling Sisters plus many more actresses and performers seen on television and in the ‘B’-grade movies of the 1940s/1950s/1960s, both in the U.S.A. and around the world. The site had the odd moniker of ‘WOm!WAm!’, and it featured females overpowering/attacking males. Since late 2008 the site is not displaying as it once did, but you can look up www.womwam.net and try digging really hard.

Fortunately there are other websites that took over and are now displaying the same thousands of photos; one site has everything displayed by WomWam PLUS a whole lot more, including many photos of Dean Martin with his guests on the NBC stages. The photos are well scattered among hundreds of pages per Category; typing the exact name of a performer doesn’t help to a great degree. There are Golddiggers among the Ding-A-Lings, and vice-versa. The website operator just doesn’t have time to sort & place the photos solidly by a specific identity,  so getting photos for this blog’s Media Library will take quite a long while. Thankfully the site can – and DOES!- draw for its archives from every possible source, either open or blocked, like an “Our man in..(name the source)”. The site will be listed later in this column.

In the latter half of 2007 I found a copy of a marvelous book titled “In Living Color: 50 Years Of NBC-TV”. This book was published many years earlier but I was seeing it for the first time at my hometown’s local library. Within the contents you could find photos and text covering the entire history of the airwaves as attended to by the National Broadcasting Corporation. Among the many photos there is one of Dean Martin flanked by two of the lovely Ding-A-Ling Sisters. This photo is cropped; the complete photo (with Jayne Kennedy and Helen Funai included) is in the book and also in the album archives of a Yahoo! Group listed further down on this page. So here is golfer Dean with Michelle DellaFave and Lindsay Bloom. Lindsay was the ninth and last hiree of The Ding-A-Ling Sisters, and in 2007 she was reunited with Michelle for the first time in two decades or more. Well, these fine ladies decided to get their act together and entertain as a Duo; for the past two years+ they’ve traveled around America to dance and sing for War veterans, especially for veterans of the VietNam period. Michelle and Lindsay are also recording songs from the past and present; watch for the results most likely at the CD Baby website. Since their reunion in 2007 the pair have performed under the banner of “Blue Eyed Soul”. Ring up www.michelleandlindsay.com for the fascinating details.

Now we’ll back up just a bit and ask if you ever heard of Dean Martin’s “Showstoppers!”. You haven’t? Well, these talented ladies – six of them – were among the large group of girls appearing in Dean’s ninth and last television season a.k.a. ‘Dean Martin’s Comedy Hour’, they sang and performed in Las Vegas when Dean took his act and the Roasts to that city, and the Showstoppers have “Wow’d the crowds” to this very day. Maria Lauren is the apparent leader of  ‘Showstoppers, and the group includes her sisters Linda Regan and Darlene Cianci; the total from 1973 onward – Peggy Gohl, Marie Halton, Patti Gribow, Susan Buckner, Deborah Pratt, Robin Horneff, Robyn Whatley, Colleen Kinkaid, Wendy Kimball, Joyce Garro and Lee Nolting. The advance starter was Patricia Booth who began her time with The Golddiggers in 1971.

Maria Lauren took on the Fitness movement some thirty years ago while continuing as an entertainer; her website www.marialauren.com has a world of information about her exercise programs plus her many memories of The Dean Martin Show/Comedy Hour and The Golddiggers. Her sister Linda also has a website with a startling array of photos all flipping over each other. Catch the action at www.lindaeichberg.com, and note that Linda joined Maria in the Fitness movement.

Patti Gribow has a pair of websites devoted to her television talk show. See www.thepattigribowshow.com and www.pgshow.com for all the details; somewhere within these sites you’ll find Patti interviewing Maria Lauren and Marie Halton.

And in this Blog’s lefthand sidebar you’ll find a link to Maria’s wonderful WordPress effort about hope, strength and peace titled “Your Powerful Life”. Enjoy!

Maria and her Golddiggers/Showstoppers! aren’t the only current entertainers still performing since their years with Dean Martin; in the Southwestern states there are six more ladies singing and dancing to packed houses on a nearly regular schedule. More than a decade ago they found each other and to this day they are performing as:

Left to right: Jackie Chidsey, Nancy Reichert, Rosetta Cox, Susan Cadham, Sheila Mann and Susan Lund. This collectively gorgeous sextet represents a whole stretch of The Dean Martin Show from late 1968 to early 1973. Unless I’m mistaken, Jackie spent the longest time with The Golddiggers in a near match with Michelle DellaFave who is currently 1/2 of the recording duo known as ‘Blue Eyed Soul’. And in my search for the ladies, I found Sheila as a realtor in Las Vegas. Like most others, Sheila didn’t reply to my singular eMails; that’s perfectly okay, I’m quite happy that she is a proud member of this Team. These gals sang on LP records many years ago: Jackie, Rosetta, Suzy Cadham and Sheila put their voices to song on “Golddiggers First”; Susie Lund joined them for the holiday’s “We Need A Little Christmas”. Both albums were issued in 1969. By the summer of 1971 The Golddiggers were almost a completely changed group; Nancy may or may not have sung with a different cast of girls on RCA’s “Golddiggers Today” album, but she was definitely in the group for the “Chevrolet Presents The Golddiggers” television series of 1971 plus The Dean Martin Show’s seventh season.

The Team’s own website started in 2007; when you look into the pages you’ll find great articles about The Dean Martin Show; tons of photos from that show plus the various Golddiggers’ own television series plus the U.S.O. tours with Bob Hope; news of their reunions plus their entertainment schedule; biographies, the Golddiggers Store, and a bulletin board where the girls answer to their fans. Showtime, at www.originalgolddiggers.com!

The Golddiggers went to Washington D.C. for the 25th Anniversary of the Vietnam Memorial Wall where they put on a grand show for Vietnam Veterans and the general public. Photographer Gary Jean caught the action and submitted fifty great photos of a slightly expanded group; the additional Golddiggers were Michelle DellaFave and Wanda Bailey. The Golddiggers sang and danced up a storm in spite of cold weather (it was in early November 2007, after all!), and you’ll find the grand display at http://garyjean.zenfolio.com/f866745776. Enjoy! Also note that Ding-A-Ling Sister Lindsay Bloom attended the show; she and Michelle sang there as ‘Blue Eyed Soul’.

All right…since this WordPress blog first appeared in October of 2009 you’ve all been waiting patiently for me to list the ultimate sites for fans of Dean Martin’s Premier Girls plus the many wonderful and talented ladies known as The Golddiggers and The Ding-A-Ling Sisters. So here they are!

In the Jupiter-sized land of Yahoo! Incorporated you’ll find many Groups covering the great entertainer Dean Martin. These groups are all over the lot regarding Dean’s acting career, his membership in The Rat Pack, and his multitude of vocal recordings. Something’s missing, though: there’s not much said of the girls who danced and sang with Dean on his excellent TV variety show. Not much…until you find the one and only Yahoo! Group actually dedicated to the girls themselves. At this writing (May 19, 2010) the group has finally gone over the 100-member mark and it has several of the Golddiggers plus a half dozen of The Ding-A-Ling Sisters in the total membership. The group’s name is the GoldsandDings, and you’ll find them at www.groups.yahoo.com/group/GoldsandDings.  Note #1: the group’s Moderator is Michael B. Schnitzer, and he – like Marie LeDuc of the Dinopallies group – is no friend of libertarians. Note #2: if you join the GoldsandDings in hopes of finding Renee ‘Tara Leigh’ Anderson, you’re already outa luck. Renee herself is not in the group; she has two trusted associates as liasons splitting a Yahoo! ID with a single letter variation for each. They submit her messages, an if you write messages to Renee…THEY read ’em FIRST!!

Mike Schnitzer and I certainly differ in our opinions of each other’s attitudes, but I have absolutely NO complaints whatsoever about the grandest weblog in the history of the Internet. Mike took the first steps in late December of 2006; he created it in bits and pieces, proceeding one step at a time, slowly at first and then faster – and faster – and even faster! – until he was so worn out that even a drink of MUSTARD couldn’t refresh him!

Still, give him credit. He did it ALL, and in July of 2007 his superbly produced  went out on display for the whole world to see.

The site’s title display is beautifully done, but there’s much more than just The Golddiggers within the pages. The site actually accounts for Dean’s Girls who began with Dean in 1965, and includes The Ding-A-Ling Sisters who staged a three-year run at the same locale. The entire team numbered more members than could be accounted for – and there’s still work to be done toward the final tally -, but when you see THIS…

on the blog’s front page, you’ve definitely come to the right place. From Diane Davis at the beginning to Lindsay Bloom at the end, they’re all here. Now enter the halls of http://thegolddiggers.wordpress.com and behold the wondrous beauty that beckons you like the eternal Fountain of Youth!

In April 2010 Mike Schnitzer created an extension of his handiwork for fans of The Ding-A-Ling Sisters. This new WordPress blog took much less time to assemble than the Golddiggers Super Site, and it concerns the nine ladies of that quartet plus the other active members of the Yahoo! group listed above.There’s the Home page, a Links page, a Closet…and the Pallies Lounge for messages and socializing. Note: The Ding-A-Ling Sisters seemingly gained a tenth member whose name is Janice. MY sister’s name is Janice! Hmm: fold arms and blink…no, didn’t work. Close eyes, tap heels three times…aw, STILL didn’t work! Is there a Magician in the house? Don’t touch your dial, just visit http://deangoldsanddings.wordpress.com and ask her to trade places. If she makes fists and swings at you – yell “ZOTZ”!!!!!

And if you are lucky enough to get away unscathed, you’ll have a better chance to view a new website whose front page went up not too long ago.You can find the site listed in this blog’s lefthand column, under the calendar. Coming to the Internet by the grace of everyone’s favorite tall blondhaired – and still youthful – Michelle DellaFave. 

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