(6) Here Come The Golddiggers!

First Golddiggers 1968These ladies were T-H-E  Class Act of The Dean Martin Show, and they strutted their stuff not only at NBC Sound Studio Four but all around the world. There were almost eighty members in the five-year history of The Golddiggers, and I’ll try to fit them all in on this page. Not necessarily in numerical Order Of Hire For Stage, the ladies are:

Kathy Brimer, Cathy Lee Crosby,  Karen Dolin, Lynn Dolin, Wendy Douglas, Merry Elkins, Sandra Hunt, Julie Leven, Diana Liekhaus, Cheryl Materson, Darlina Olsen, Brenda Powell, Jeanne Sheffield, Lynn Steiner, Deborah Thomason, Mary K. Wright, Pamela Beth, Peggy Hansen, Nancy Bonetti, Lezlie Dalton, Debi McFarland, Susan Cadham, Sheila Mann, Joy Hawkins, Barbara Sanders, Holly Smith, Sheryl Ullman, Michelle DellaFave, Rosetta Cox, Paula Cinko, Susan Lund, Patricia Mickey, Jackie Chidsey, Tara Leigh, Wanda Bailey, Micki McGlone, Pauline Antony, Liz Kelley, Patti Booth, Francie Mendenhall, Jimmi Cannon, Lee Crawford, Sandahl Bergman, Tanya DellaFave, Janice Whitby, Patti Gegenheimer, Nancy Reichert, Karen Cavenaugh, Loyita Chapel, Rebecca Jones, Susan Buckner, Colleen Camp, Melody Ruhe, Darlene Alberici, Linda Alberici, Maria Alberici, Brooke Fisher, Joyce Garro, Peggy Gohl, Patti Pivaar, Marie Halton, Robin Horneff, Wendy Kimball, Colleen Kinkaid, Nancy Maier, Lee Nolting, Marilyn O’Leary, Cynthia Pickett, Deborah Pratt, Glenda Yenta, Linda Regan and Mary Beth Williams.

That’s the list of The Golddiggers that we know. There were more than the 72 girls named here, but we don’t have the absolutely complete list.

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