(5) Great Guest Stars!

There were hundreds of them! They were known for singing/dancing /acting in movies, on records and on other TV programs. Here are some photos of the best-known guest stars; move your mouse pointer over each one to see who they are. Note: in many cases the black & white marquee photos were all that I could obtain for this display. Don’t worry – the stars themselves were always in Living Color!

Joey HeathertonCarol LawrenceBob NewhartFrank SinatraBarbara McNairTommy SandsThe Swingle SingersGeorge GobelAbbe Lanepianists Ferrante & TeicherKay StarrLeonard Barr (Dean's uncle)Ella FitzgeraldAllan ShermanJoanie SommersGiselle MacKenzieNanette FabrayBarrie ChaseEthel MermanPhil Ford & Mimi HinesDan Rowan & Dick MartinGordon MacRaeStanley Holloway1011587Robert GouletJohn WayneBill DanaKate SmithMilton BerleDonna ButterworthThe McGuire SistersBill CosbyDino, Desi and BillyLucille BallJuliet ProwsePhyllis DillerTony Bennett

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