(3) Dean’s History

toddler Dino, born June 7, 1917This little fellow had a lot of activity before he reached twenty one years of age. He was the drummer, the dice roller, the stock clerk, the boxer, the bootleg runner, the steelmill worker, the youthful singer, the Blackjack card dealer and the Croupier at the Roulette Wheel. During the forty years that followed he would be the the recording artist, the crooner, the RatPacker, the actor, the ladies’ man, the comedian, the Commander of Thursday night television and Host Of The Roasts! 

Dino and BillyUnfortunately, I was unable to find a photo of Dean’s boyhood home in Steubenville, Ohio. Several sites report that the house was torn down a decade ago after many years of abandonment. The Bing Maps satellite shots bear this fact out; the lot at 319 South 6th Street is vacant, and the complete street block where that address is located shows two empty lots-one at each end between the cross streets. So the first article of Dean Martin’s history has disappeared. I may contact Deana Martin to see if she can provide a ‘ jpg’ image of the house for this weblog, and I’ll contact Robert Ensler for a ‘jpg’ photo of Dean singing into a microphone in his early years. Some photos are quite difficult to come by, but I searched into many corners to obtain the pictures that you see here. The first group includes the photo at the top of this page and extends into the 1950s.

learning to read Englishleft - drummer Dino left-Dino, right-Billy

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