(4) Dean on NBC-TV

Dean MartinThe National Broadcasting Corporation had the Number ONE variety program in the whole world, and it was brought to you in Living Color every Thursday night from September 1965 to May 1973 with a ninth season on Friday nights. I’ll describe The Dean Martin Show in a nutshell, one year at a time, in all of its magnificent splendor. And – if I make the proper arrangements and gamble REALLY HARD! – this cartoon photo of Dean will go somewhere else. In its place there will be a great achievement on my part, complete with the announcer’s voice declaring that “The following program is brought to you in Living Color, on NBC-TV!”.

There’s just one problem as I write this new sentence on December 4th, 2009. WordPress insists on getting paid for the Audio/Video upgrade through the online entity known as PayPal. This must change. PayPal is owned by the E-Bay auction website where you can sell and/or buy all kinds of merchandise. From May 2008 until March 2009 I built up a collection of HO-scale railroad engines & freight cars, and I always paid for my purchases with Bank Certified Money Orders. E-Bay has since insisted that PayPal be the only way to pay for goods; I quit buying from E-Bay sellers who promote PayPal. PP has been great for many people, but there are some who were subject to Fraud by the site. I’ll never be a PayPal victim, and I’ll never use credit cards at all. BCMOs only…or forego the sale.

Update, May 22, 2010: Well, it’s obvious that WordPress isn’t starving over lack of video sales. I was hoping to get the NBC Peacock on this page, but you’ll have to settle for viewing it at www.youtube.com. Type ‘NBC Peacock’ in the searchbar, go for it…and you’ll come to at least a dozen screen animations. View BOTH peacocks if you can: the original from 1957 to 1962-3 had the voice of Ben Grauer; I can’t identify the voice on the later animation.

The history of the NBC Peacock can be read at www.big13.net/NBCPeacock/ where you’ll find pictures of the artist’s renditions and some of his background at the National Broadcasting Corporation. The NBC logos of the years that followed are also included, and whole site makes for fascinating reading. Enjoy!

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