(8) Dateline: July 2006

Our mission to bring The Dean Martin Show to the Public Domain was conceived in Connecticut, nailed in New York,  fielded in Phoenix, linked to Lake Charles, favored in Florida, promoted past Providence, corralled in Cumberland and hollered from here to Hollywood. It was all because some unknown fellow living eighty miles southwest of me had a grand idea, one that would launch a nationwide reunion while setting the stage for a legal battle on the West Coast. This fellow had since moved into a New York City condominium in the Lower East Side where he could keep his office and have room to file everything for his up-and-coming project. The mission began there and it is gaining momentum with every passing day.

440E6thStWelcome to East Village! In the space between First Avenue and Avenue ‘A’ you will find a 1961-built brick & morter apartment complex shoehorned into the lot formerly occupied by the metallic monster known as KRONOS! The building stands at least twenty stories high, went to ‘Condo’ rental more than a decade ago, and is identified as #440 East 6th Street. Rent is between $3000 and $4000 monthly, so the location is totally unaffordable to ordinary humans like Yours Truly. Nonetheless, our mission is conducted from a Unit less than halfway up via the elevator…and the mission’s keeper knows more about all of the Dean Martin Show girls than Dean ever did. At my own suggestion the fellow became a Yahoo! group Moderator, and he’s done very well at that job. Too well, perhaps; I served a certain Yahoo! Group of people – including several former Golddiggers and Ding-A-Ling Sisters – superbly, and on their terms! Unfortunately the Moderator became all too possessive of his situation, and he kicked me out of the group without asking the ladies or the other members. So here he is; by signature he is Michael B. Schnitzer, and he goes around the Internet under such names as ‘Interbang’, as ‘Video Vision’, and lately as ‘IntelProperty’. His greatest claim to fame is that he singlehandedly created the most outstanding WordPress publication in the history of the Internet. It is a Super Work-Of-Art that I could never create without help because I don’t have predictable time for such a massive project. But HE certainly succeeded…and while Michael doesn’t acknowledge ME anymore, I (Ralph Baker) still serve the ladies on THEIR terms, and I always will. Michael and I have one goal in common; we want to see the Second Coming of The Dean Martin Show/Comedy Hour plus all of The Golddiggers’ television series – in Living Color! – completely intact as they were at their original broadcasts. All episodes, minus NONE!

The history of American television always included the weekly magazine known as TV Guide. Our mission apparently grew from the issue of August 12, 1967…and while I don’t have a copy of it, there must have been something said about adding more girls to sing and dance on the set of The Dean Martin Show. These girls would be additional to the dozen+ already serving as Dean’s Girls and The Girlfriends; Michael found a hint of sorts in those words, and so – on July 3, 2006 – he pounded his desk and told himself to “Do it!”. By the time I met Michael he had already formed the basics of a new website devoted to the ladies and the mission; a recent Google search uncovered his first steps, so I’ll apply them retroactively. My first actual encounter with Michael – followed by the grandest surprise of my life! – came in December at Derrick Bostrom’s fantastic website blog titled “Golddiggers At Bostworld”.

More to follow, so…stay tuned!

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