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In Living Color!

November 7, 2009

With acknowledgements to Dean’s Girls, The Golddiggers, The Ding-A-Ling Sisters, Lee Hale, Van Alexander, Neil Daniels of The Dean Martin Fan Center, Derrick Bostrom of Bostworld, Elizabeth Patrick at Wikipedia, Wesley Guidry of The Vietnam Veterans Association of America,  and fellow WordPress associate Michael Schnitzer of The Golddiggers Super Site:

I hearby dedicate my very first WordPress effort to all fans of Mr. Martin’s top-rated television variety show that aired from 1965 into 1974. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and look forward to that day when, for the second time and Second Coming…

“The following program is brought to you in Living Color! on NBC-TV”.

My story’s inside, folks. Click on the lefthand page links, and ENTER!!


Note: During the winter of 2009-2010 I was blocked out of this blog due to some hacker messing with my blog access. Now in the summer of 2010 it happened again; this was the second time since I began the blog, and if there comes a third instance I’m gonna raise Hell all over the Internet Complaint sites. In the meantime I’m glad to see the stats proving that readers are paying attention to the many details found within these pages; I must have done something really good to keep the readers interested, and now that I’m back – I have lots more details and a ‘Current Events’ issue to tell!

So stay tuned. Thanks and cheers from Ralph Baker a.k.a. Draaiorgelfan!