(2) About Me

My sister took a shot before I was ready. Frightening, huh?

Greetings, everyone! I’m Ralph Baker in Cumberland, Rhode Island. Like so many other people I’m hoping to win a lottery jackpot so I can accomplish a few major goals in my lifetime. First up: move to southern California where I wanted to be some fifty four years ago, at age Five. In those young days I watched Disney programs on TV, studied every book about California throughout my elementary school years, unexpectedly met Walt Disney at the 1964-5 New York World’s Fair (his second appearance, promoting Animatronics and the first designs for Walt Disney World), memorized every surf/hotrod song by The Beach Boys+Jan & Dean+The Rip Chords+The Hondells+others, accumulated California street maps by the drawerful, and hoped for lotteries to start in America so I could afford a grand escape and instant retirement. Other favorite TV shows included “The Red Skelton Hours”, “The Beverly Hillbillies” and everything else showing California scenes.

Half of my working life was spent around molding machinery making plastic goods. The other half involved being the projection booth operator at a local drive-in, assembling lines of freight cars in a railyard at the south end of town, repairing pinsetters and pinchasing at three bowling houses in northern Rhode Island, becoming a traveling locksmith in a ten-mile circle around my home area..(..then the gas prices shot up, nobody called after that, had to give up!)..and in the last twelve years I’ve been among the unemployed. But I manage to walk five miles per day, and I have more phonograph records than most radio stations ever had. My favorite music is orchestral and instrumental but also includes vocalists plus the music of the groups listed above. Recent additions – The Golddiggers! Both of their fine MetroMedia recordings.

foto1Here at WordPress I registered by the ID ‘Draaiorgelfan’. Think of the Holland street organs – known in the Dutch language as ‘draaiorgels’ – making beautiful music by means of cardboard slotted books moving through a windchest while the human operator turns a crank. I absolutely favor the preservation and continued operation of these musical monsters all over Europe and America, and I’m also in the Carousel Organ Association to help the effort. My ID stays with me even at Yahoo! Groups where I have my own ‘DeanMartinTVShow’ community. At present I’m reviewing the whole nine-year stretch of The Dean Martin Show/Comedy Hour’. Now I’m bringing the review to WordPress while hoping to find a larger audience.

Charles, Dean, Gina & GeorgeIf you are among the many who long to see The Dean Martin Show plus The Golddiggers’ summer series in all of their glory once again – or for the first time if you’re too young to have watched the original telecasts – then come along with me and we’ll explore every detail that we can find. This mission has something for everyone!…and you’ll find the whole shebang within these weblog pages. Coming slowly, one stage at a time. So stay tuned!

Before you continue to Dean Martin’s History, here are some shots of Yours Truly plus a few taken by me personally so you’ll know what I’m all about.

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